Friday, February 11, 2005

Root Canals and Boredom

You know how it is when you start your day out expecting one thing and end up with something completely different? My poor husband started out today going to the dentist for a simple cavity filling and ended up needing a full on root canal. I guess that's what we get for not going to the dentist since we met. Poor guy. I will go to the store and get him soft foods to eat tonight and tomorrow.

I cannot believe it's already Friday.

The baby has been so quiet the past couple of days. It's starting to worry me. But I feel fine.. no contractions or anything, so things are probably okay.

Heard from my old college roommate, Mandi. That was nice. I miss her. She sounds like she's having a pretty successful life right now, though, which is really good. It's funny. I am doing exactly what I expected to do with my life. Is that "achieving goals"? I think it is. I never wanted anything different than what I am now. Can a mom dress weird without people looking at her strangely? that's seriously the only thing I wish I had done differently...been a more extreme dresser.

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