Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My Sister in Law and I at her baby shower. Lots of Us Preggerz People these days! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 17, 2005


We HAVE IT! Ah HA! Central air is a wonderful beautiful thing and we are hoping that Sam likes it as much as we do already. The installers just turned it on and we stood under the vents smiling like we did on our honeymoon. =) How romantic these little inane things are. Yay to "The Cool Guys!"

We also got a dishwasher today, something that I have sorely missed since Alturas. I haven't had one available to me since. It works beautifully.

I have a holter moniter attatched to me today. After three consecutive sundays of nearly passing out in church, we are wondering if I am having heart issues (not of the spiritual sort.. I hope). So the doctor referred me to the heart moniter people and now I look like a borg. Very interesting and irritating. I'm taped up and suction cupped in 5 places with cords coming out and down to my pockets. Very attractive.

Sam and Greg and Skittle say hi.

That's about it for today.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Profile (He's practicing kissing on his arm) Posted by Hello

Sam with his arm next to his face Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Drama of Home Loans

If you are ever seeking a quiet, useful, necessary home-equity loan, don't ever be fooled. They are hellish. Those nice little ads they send you in the mail? They are LIES! This has nothing to do with the brokers themselves. Our broker, Anita, has been nothing but wonderful and we love her. It's the mortgage companies themselves that are ridiculous. I won't go into details, but just keep in mind that they are never a piece of cake, no matter how enticing they may sound.

So anyway.. we're funding TOMORROW! Hooray! Then we get our money on Wednesday. Just in time to go to the Sandiego Zoo for my nieces 2nd birthday! She's getting so big! Golly I love her so much. She has grown so fast and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store...lots, considering her mom is about to give birth to her little brother. Poor Emma. So used to being the baby. I will try to be her friend through it, but I'm definitely prone to being attracted to the new ones too.

I go in for a 3-D ultrasound soon! Yay! So super excited! =) We're definitely looking forward to another glimpse into Sam's little world. i'll post pictures here that I get =)

Well, that's the haps for now.