Friday, September 24, 2010

1:08 a.m. Randomness

Things that are fabulous right now:

I got Greg this book for his birthday. It is chock full of geekalicious goodness -- time-space paradoxes, flow charts--who could ask for anything more?

In addition, as a late "celebration" for Greg's 40th, we are going here . This has become a semi regular yearly event for us. It's just a really great place to visit and be romantic and things.

I am doing Awana this year, which has been a lot more fun than I expected. Sam is in Sparks, and since I am a Sparks leader, I get to watch him do all sorts of super great things. Here is a link to him doing the pledge of allegience as practice for getting his vest and book. He also got up in front of his class and sang the Awana theme song and very sincerely told them about Adam and Eve and sin and the fall of mankind.

So far, I am doing fabulously with my own school studies, though I miss Greg/the kids. I literally spend about 10 hours per day studying. This is why I am up at 1:30 a.m. writing this post. I have had no down-time to speak of. But guess what. I am actually really happy. I don't have any of that weighed-down feeling anymore. I feel like I have a brain again. It has been extremely invigorating. I am still worried about Grad School acceptance, but God will take care of it. I really do have faith in that.

So that's what's new.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Can't I Just Love Jesus

Without re-posting all those Christian status updates?


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Things have been insane. Sam started school mid-August, and I am running around like the proverbial headless chicken. I am excited because I am getting closer to applying to graduate schools. I am nervous because I am getting closer to applying to graduate schools. I am taking 4 classes this term (5, if you count the one that is an anatomy class/lab combo as 2 classes). It is overwhelming, but good to have a big workload. I feel as though I am learning how to juggle more this way, which I am sure will be useful very soon.

In the meantime, Greg is turning 40 on the 12th. This has been difficult for me. Growing up as a pastor's kid, I have seen way too many single elderly people being lonely and sad to not care about Greg getting older. You are probably thinking,

"Dude, Crystal. You're the one who married a 32-year-old when you were 21. You asked for it."

And I think that to myself too. But then I remember how *worth it* Greg is--how much I cherish and love him and how God brought us together in a way that we couldn't have helped falling in love, even if we hadn't wanted to (which I actually kind of didn't at the time). But yeah, I am anticipating the last part of my life being spent alone. And that is hard. But this is how I prepare myself for things--I have to think about the worst because I hate being caught off guard more than I hate anticipating the inevitable.

For now, I am loving every minute I spend with my husband. And I am loving our kids, too. Which brings up another topic. Sam--he is preoccupied with death these days. A while back, my Great Aunt Ada passed away. Sam knew her and her death really impacted him. He keeps asking us when we are going to die--how old we are--if we are "healthy". Greg sees it as a sign of depth of character on Sam's part. It makes me feel bad for Sam, though. I don't want Sam thinking about these things. I want him being a kid--having fun chasing the animals/his sister around the house... pummeling things. But he does do those things too. So I guess he's ok. I guess I don't need to worry until he starts dressing like Greg did in high school, right?