Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Belly Pants

I've moved into belly-pants-mode. Anyone who isn't pregnant has only had the opporitunity to see these if their mother was wearing them at some point that they can remember. The things are hideous! It's basically just plain old elastic waist jeans with a u-shaped "stomach" cut out and patched with softer fabric to allow for your tummy to grow comfortably and stick out unabashedly. My tummy sure is unabashed. Every day I look at it and think, "What did I look like before all this?"

He (our Sam) has been super quiet today--not encouraging to the lady who was so freaked out last night about all things pregnancy-related. I still have been today, but thank goodness for people like my old friend Raquelita who is living very far away from me, but still encourages my heart on a regular basis, and for my mom who always is willing to listen, no matter how absurd I might sound.

Hooray for my husband who is such a wonderful-head! I was taking a nap today because I was up 'till 3:00 a.m. last night. He came into the room in the middle of his Halo II game to give me a kiss and tell me he loved me. What a sweet caring and perfect guy for me! I lovehim so much. He's my hero and a half. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to marry him. Ha, to anyone who said he was too old for me and said I wouldn't like being married. He truly is my bliss. Thanks God, for giving him to me.

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