Saturday, February 05, 2005

Real estate

My husband is applying for his real estate license. He thinks he's done teaching forever. What a weird thought. I am going to miss him in that job.. it's the kids that I'll miss, though. But we're going to be having our own soon, so I guess that's fine.

I am 21 weeks pregnant tomorrow. More than half-way there! Good grief I'm getting big. We did some closet cleaning today and I am no longer fitting into anything but maternity clothes. Everything I used to wear looks so tiny. How did I ever fit into it?

My sister doesn't have menengitis! Thank you, God! She was recently in contact with this guy who had it and died, so the doctors were very concerned. Turns out it was only the flu. She was still pretty miserable though, even if her life wasn't really being threatened.

Random thought for the day: Ichthus, ich, ichthyologists.. they all are ichy.

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