Friday, June 03, 2005


There are two weeks until my due date. This feels weird. I can't believe that there will be a new family member in a matter of days! Skittle is jealous. I'm nervous. Greg is doing better than the two of us. =)

We had another doctor's appointment today. Everything looks fantastic. He's head-down which is nice to know. No forceps here! =) My heart problem comes and goes but it's no longer as scary as it once was because nothing seems to happen because of it.

I have all sorts of weird dreams--last night I dreamed that he was talking in my tummy and they could hear him when they did the doppler thing. It was pretty cool! And another night I had a dream that he came out and started walking in a matter of days. That was fun too.

My sister made the dean's list at the University of Arizona's online criminal justice course! YAY KARLIE! You rule the school!

My mom comes to help out with labor and delivery and the stuff afterward in less than two weeks! I'm so jazzed. I find the 14th of June to be a more significant day than the actual due date. I know it's silly, but it's true. The night after my shower I got all emotional because it was such a DATE. I mean, you have the shower, you're having the baby. It's just how it works! I freaked. But Greg was very good at calming my nerves.

So, I'll try to keep in touch and let everyone know when I am going into labor. if it's not too painful to be on the computer, I'll try to post here when the contractions start.

PLEASE comment with any advice and/or encouragement!

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