Thursday, May 19, 2005


I'm nine months on sunday! Wow... can't hardly believe this. We're so close. I had my southern-california shower last saturday. It was a really smashing good time. Thanks to all of you who came for making it such a special and memorable event. I love all my gifts so much!

God is good. My husband found a real-estate job! He has to wait until his lisence is issued before he can go to work, but he has a job lined up with a man we believe is trustworthy and smart... not to mention, ETHICAL! Hooray! For more details, email me!

All the recent pictures are from last weekend. My family came down to visit and we took these while they were here. =) My friend Becs says "You're GINORMOUS!"

I agree

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Sher said...

Did you have that baby yet?