Sunday, June 12, 2005

Exciting Times, These Are!

So, wow..

My sister is pregnant.

I figured this was a good enough wait. I've known for about a week and apologize for not posting on this sooner, but it's happened. My sis is going to be having a baby too... looks like sometime between January and February of next year. wowowowow.

She sounds pretty excited, and as you can tell by the look on Jesse's face, he's excited too. =) Which excites me and I'm excited!

So, Sam is nearly here, and he will have a little cousin coming about 8 months after!

I'm not really scared of labor anymore. I am more scared that I won't know when it's really happening, will end up at the hospital or get stuck on the way and have the baby on the freeway or something.

We have everything we need, though. I even got the baby bath tub today.. and some Lansinoh and all that fun stuff. Hooray! Almost here!

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