Monday, June 20, 2005


Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot Shoot

So I went to the doctor today. I was all excited, hoping I would have made some progress. Just a little would have been fine.


Once again, nothing has happened. I am one centimeter dilated, which is what I was a WEEK ago. DARN IT! Really, this is ridiculous.

They'll probably induce on Sunday. It's a bummer, but at least I know that he's coming. And induction means I KNOW WHEN. But it's still bad because there are higher risks with induction; things like episiotomies and tearing and heart rates dropping and other such fun things.

I am excited, though. I know God's going to take care of my baby and me. It's hard to believe it's almost time.. but then again it's not really. He is being SO active! It's awful! He's trying to pop out my belly button or something! Arg!

But we'll keep you informed. Who knows.. maybe something will happen before Sunday. Pray that it does. I am READY for him to be here!

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