Saturday, July 12, 2008


Finally, everyone, we are able to say what is going on!

Greg signed a contract to be employed with San Bernardino City Unified School District as a 5th grade teacher at Wilson Elementary School! Yay! We gave our renters notice, and they are supposed to be out by September 8th. Things are definitely looking up! Greg's first day of work is th 29th of July (teacher work days) and first day with students is August 4th. I am anticipating greater things for this year in that Greg will be starting with these kids right from the beginning--no coming in a month late. We are excited to have our house back and are looking forward to being 'on our own' again. It has been TWO YEARS! I can hardly believe it! Sam was still 1 when we movedi n with my parents, and he just celebrated his third birthday! It looks as though Aunica will have a little more stability in her life.

I got a new camera! I have been begging for one for a while now, and finally we decided it was time to invest in a spiffy Canon Rebel XSi! It's fantastic. Here's a couple of pictures from it!


harmijo said...

Praise the Lord! What wonderful news! Congratulations to Greg on his job and how exciting to hear you will be moving back into your home!! YEA!!!!

Your friend Heidi

PS Those are great pictures! I love the one of Sam an Aunica, too cute!

B. said...

Your pictures do look nice. I just blogged today about needing a new camera. How did you go about deciding on the Canon Rebel XSi?