Friday, July 04, 2008


so, I contracted hives the other day from some medication I've been taking. Ugh! It has been a couple of the worst days since Greg had cancer. I've been walking around, stopping, and scratching like a dog with flees for over 48 hours now. Fortunately, sleep hasn't been that hard to accomplish. I am thankful that I have medicine that should be taking care of them in the next couple of days, and that I am not contagious (my kids/husband won't get them too). Please pray that they go away, and FAST!

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harmijo said...

Oh sweetie, I have soooo been there with the hives, those things are horrible! I unfortunately get them when I get super nervous or at other random times and they stink! I am so sorry that you have them and I will be praying for you for sure!

Big air hugs (so as not to hurt those hives)!