Thursday, October 20, 2005


I know, I know, it's nearly been a month... and what a month it has been

Ever have one of those days where the whole world seems to be against you? That everything is going wrong and nothing seems to be working out the way you had hoped? Well, not to whine, but a blog is sure a good excuse for a good vent. This last month has been the most singularly disasterous month of my (and I think my husband's) entire life. It has been quite difficult to keep the faith, but God has been teaching us lots of stuff though it.

The List of Things That Have Recently Gone Wrong:

-Our toilet is broken

-Our digital projector bulb went out--we bought a new one--didn't work--the projector may need repair (It's on it's way to the service center)

-Someone tried to siphon the gas out of the gas tank in our SUV with a knife.. Greg didn't know.. attempted to drive to work (After refilling the empty tank) and was spilling gas all over the freeway... he's lucky he didn't get killed. Had to replace the gas tank--guess how much $700.00!!!! (It would have been a thousand if they hadn't been as nice as they were) Greg's parents paid for the repairs and we are forever grateful.

-We've been trying to switch over to a new (less expensive) insurance plan with Kaiser Permanente. Our son doesn't qualify because of his medical condition.

-We were given a van by Greg's family friends, the Halls. Thank you guys! We are having major issues getting it registered here in California, though.

-We have been trying to get rid of my 2004 VW beetle. ARGH! So frustrating to have to pay for this car that we don't really use. Anybody want it? It's yours for 15,000 if you do! It has one new tire. It's pretty and blue.

-Greg accidently threw away his principal's letter of reccommendation, so now he only has references.. no letters when he goes job hunting.

-Sam has taken to have an 7-8 o'clock nighttime crying session for the last week or so. It's enough to make you crazy when you're as tired as we have been.

-Greg still hasn't had any real estate leads, which is really a bummer. We're wondering why the heck we went for the whole real estate license thing in the first place.

-We bought this 20,000 dollar time share because we could afford it a year ago.. well.. we haven't been able to use it yet because Greg has been having to work so much to keep the bills paid. We were supposed to go to Oregon last week for a week long vacation at a ritzy resort. We can no longer go and I'm bummed because it means that sam doesn't get to see my side of the family until thanksgiving.

-I couldn't find my check card anywhere, so I went ahead and cancelled it and ordered a new one. THe next day, my mother-in-law called and told me it was at her house. Argh!!

-Skittle's license has been expired for over a year now. We need to get her a new one, but in order to do that, we have to have proof that she has had her shots. We can't get proof of that until we go to the place where we got them done. It's over 2 hours away. Forget licensing the dog for now.

-I feel huge. I haven't lost any weight since 3 weeks after I had Sam. I initially lost 30 pounds I'd gained, but I'm still way overweight.. 40 lbs over where I'd like to be, actually and that's hard. I'm doing better at working out, though. Sam is interested in watching me run on the trampoline and lift weights, so that's fun. =)

-This has nothing to do with me directly, but it was still hard to hear. My long-time friend Melanie Briton passed away last week. She had been fighting cancer for a really long time. I had had no idea it was so bad until about 3 weeks before she died. I am going to miss seeing her at True Value when I go home at Christmas. She was a really funny sweet person and I wish I'd been able to spend more time with her when I had the chance. Please remember Melanie's family in your prayers. Having my own child, I can't even imagine what her parents must be going through. It would be utterly devastating to lose Sam and I've barely even gotten to know him. I can't imagine having known him for 24 years and then losing him.

But there have been good things that have happened this past month as well.

-My hubby has an interview for a really wonderful-sounding job on Tuesday at 2:00 pm. We're hoping and praying that it works out. It would definitely be something that would pay the bills.

-My dad is coming down on the 2nd for my great aunt Ada's bithday. She is turning NINETY FIVE. She's an amazing lady and we are so lucky to get to know her. Talk about a determined soul. She has macular degeneration and some dementia and she's just trying as hard as she can to keep on going like those things are nothing. We really admire her for her stamina and just-plain-oomph!

-Greg is working for his Aunt Jane. She is a life saver. IF it weren't for her, we would most likely be living somewhere idea where. Thank the Lord for sweet wonderful and caring relatives!

-Greg took me to see Knott's Halloween Haunt. Oooooooooh it was fun! I was really impressed with the detail work that they put into the event. I had no idea it was so elaborate. Lots and lots of fun. I highly reccommend it (even for the money you end up paying).

-Sam has started SOLIDS! Huzzah!!

So that's that for now. I'll try to get some new pictures up of our little chunk (he weighs almost 16 lbs now). Please keep us in your prayers. We are feeling a bit out of sorts as you can see. We're just hoping that something works out soon as far as the whole job-for-Greg situation goes. If that were covered, everything else would be soooo much more bearable.

Love you guys!

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Sher said...

Sorry to hear things have been so difficult.

I think you can actually sell your timeshare, if you need the extra money and will not be using it.

My great-grandmother's name was Ada. Your aunt sounds like a really neat lady.

I went to visit Ruth! I hope to come see you again sometime. I'll call when I am in the area again.