Saturday, October 29, 2005

Go Figure


With how wonderful life has been recently (sarcastic), you would think that we would have seen something like this coming. Good grief

Greg might have testicular cancer. He found a lump day before yesterday. We went to the doctor yesterday. They did a sonogram on him to see if it looked serious. It did. They will probably do a biopsy early next week.

We are devastated.

However, We have heard that if men are going to get cancer, this is the kind to get. If he has to have a testicle removed, he still may have baby-making capacity. It's been done before.

So, anyway.. that's our big news for right now. We tried the "extinction" or "cry it out" method on Sam last night. It seemed to work super well. This morning he was really with it and seemed super happy. Right now, he's in his crib crying again. It's time for his morning nap. We're trying to get a little bit more of a schedule extablished here. It's been a little bit frustrating because we haven't had any time to do anything. The house is a disaster. We're tired all the time because we get up 3 times a night with him. I don't believe attatchment parenting was the thing for me, so desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hopefully this will work.

Please be praying for us. We really don't know what is going on. We try not to question God's soveriegnty, but it's hard not to when things are this bad.

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