Monday, April 11, 2005

Yardsales and Leather Couches

We are getting our leather couch! Hooray! So exciting. We've been talking about it since before we were married and finally have decided to go for it. Greg's parents gave him a money gift a while back for a computer. He never bought the computer, so they told us to get a couch with it! =) We're very excited. It's going to be from the arizona leather company. It smells good. It feels squishy. It is nice.

We had a yard sale on Saturday. We were hoping to sell lots of stuff. In order to not have to get up TOO early, we set everything out the night before. Well, of course, it rained. We were very disgruntled at first. So much so, that Greg, in his frustration, couldn't figure out how to make the signs for the sale. He spelled the word "Yard" like "Sard" and spelled "Sale," "Sail"! I laughed at him, which was probably uncalled for, but it was so funny.

Well, that's about it for these days. Oh... my sister-in-law is having her baby sometime this week. That'll be really cool! I'm excited to meet him!



Raquelita said...

Hey ya! Betcha getting that leather couch really made up for having to say goodbye to the old one! Oh, and I've decided that, yes, I would like Greg to illustrate my story about Phatty. I'm writing a few more stories to go along with that one, all of which I'll give to him if he's really up for illustrating, and we'll work on publishing it when it's all finished.

I'm not kidding. If he's up for it, so am I.

Love you, my darling, dearest, pregnant best friend!

Raquelita said...


Yea!!!! I'm so glad that he actually wants to illustrate it! I have one of the other stories finished, but I'm not gonna blog it, nor will I e-mail it, because I don't trust this thing called the Internet. Now that it's a reality, I want to protect my ideas... E-mail me your home address (I seem to have misplaced it in the jungle that is my room) and I'll send him the next story. I'll also send the title of the book along with it.

I understand about being torn over the couch. The old one can't just go in the spare room? Or... you''ll need something to sit on in Sammy's room...

Bet he's bursting to get out. You are going to do an awesome job in labor. I totally believe you can do it. You're going to make one of the world's greatest moms. Can't wait to be aunty Rachel!!! You're one of the first persons I'm visiting when I get back!