Monday, April 25, 2005

Real Estate Exams Are Hard!

My hubby took the real estate exam today. What a joyful bunch of fun! (Not really). Greg had a very hard time with it, but we're glad it's done. Thanks to those of you who were praying for us. I guess there have been 10 random drive-by shootings in the past week on the 110 (a freeway we took to get there). The test was in downtown LA. I have woken up the past three nights feeling like we were in for Greg's impending death on the way. I just had this horrid feeling that something awful was going to happen on the way to taking the test! I know that's weird, but sometimes you just get these feelings. I was TERRIFIED! We're just glad to be home.

The test itself was hard. Greg feels that it was, anyway... lots of trick questions and not too many easy answers. We'll see! There were a whopping 7000 people there taking it, so Greg was real overwhelmed with people smell and sounds--we probably won't get our results for about 5-10 days, but we keep checking.

Cameron, our new little nephew is very wonderful. We love him. He makes awesome baby sounds that make our hearts melt. Yay to God and Jeff and Melissa! They did a terrific job in putting him together.

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Raquelita said...

You have to post his results as soon as you get them! Do you and Greg prefer white wine or red? And what about Sammy?

And what exactly is your due date?

Sorry haven't updated my blog in a while. I can't remember how to post - I know, I'm a nerd. I'll figure it out one of these days, and then you can quite commenting on the same post over and over and over...