Saturday, April 02, 2005

The New Napster

So, we're trying out the new napster. I've discovered a couple of new bands/artists/whatever-you-want-to-call-thems. Ben Lee and Andy Stochansky to name a couple.

The cool thing about the new setup is that you can preview whole songs before you buy them if you're a subscriber. I like that a lot. 9.95 a month isn't that bad of a price to pay for unlimited music. The bad thing is, a lot of the bands haven't given their authorization for Napster to give away their complete songs though streaming media. This means only 30 second clips of songs.

My husband's taste is a lot more inclusive and eclectic than mine. He can handle lots of single songs from a million different bands, where if I find myself liking someone, I like ALL their stuff. It's amazing discovering what different tastes we have. I didn't realize he was so into industrial... I knew he liked it, but it's pretty much all he has on his playlist. I am trying to be accepting of it. =) I'm sure he's totally sick of hearing most of my stuff, but he's a lot more tolerant than I am of music he doens't like. It's a good thing we have headphones, but a bad thing too. It makes me sad that we are finding yet another area we don't necessarily synchronize in. =(

Sam is doing well.. he was having a heck of a night last night. I think he is definitely going to be a night and morning person. He's so ACTIVE then. I woke up this morning sorer than I've been my whole pregnancy. Uck.

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