Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours


I need it because this has been one hellish week so far.

Oh my goodness. Here is what has been going down. (Feel free to give me pity/sympathy).

Problemo Numero Uno:
Greg (along with another 290-or-so other teachers) is most likely going to get another R.I.F. (layoff) notice this year. It will most likely get rescinded, but it's just one of the little black rainclouds making us blue.

Greg's school is in the bottom 5% of schools in California. And as much as Greg has had to work his butt off to get the thumbs up from his adminstrators, he has kind of gotten used to them. Now the school district is looking at replacing his principal. And Greg does not like that. It makes him nervous. In the meantime, he has 4 CSTs in the next two weeks.

We are in trouble with the City of Yucaipa again. Thanks to some hapless intern, our file was pulled and the city is looking into whether or not we have to destroy Sam's room and our dining room and convert them back into what used to be a garage. A word to the wise: when buying a houe, make sure to check out whether or not everything in/on/around it is permitted. For now, we are just waiting for an inspector to come out and examine our home to make sure it's exactly how the city would like it to be. Even though we already know it's not.

Sam is starting *real* school next year. We are really unsure of what we are doing right now as far as that goes. We're hoping we can get him into the charter school. The other option is to beg the district to let us put him in a different school than our zoning would allow. The public school he is supposed to be going to does not look/sound so hot from what we have heard from other parents.

Greg's computer got attacked by a nasty spyware program today and I don't really know how to fix it. Hopefully Greg does because it's not looking good.

I am having an unbelievably difficult time getting my undergraduate work done for SLP. It has become such a headache. I just know whether I'm supposed to be doing this. It's like forcing puzzle pieces that don't fit.

God's good. And I know he will work all of this out the way He wants to. But sometimes it's just so difficult to trust Him.

On the happier side of things, Aunica turned 2 on the 8th. Yay!


Rachel Ann said...

Oh, babe, I'm sorry. Wish I could be there for you.


Scott and Bekah Ruth said...

-Sorry :(

-Happy birthday Aunica, wow, already 2!!!

-Scotty is a techie (works for a web-based company), so if you have computer issues, feel free to contact him. Also, here's a really good free anti-virus we've used and referred to others:

Crystal K said...

I fixed the computer! Yay me! (Started in safe mode and downloaded and ran spybot and malwarebytes).