Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help A Cat IN Need?

So, I was at Stater Bros Grocers with my offspring today. We were in the pet-food aisle and I was commenting about how much our cat eats to Sam and Aunica.

As often is the case, there was another human being in the pet department with us. As is not often the case, however, I was chatting it up with my kidlettes, and this woman interrupted me and said, "Sorry, but did I hear you say you have a cat?"

She then proceeded to break into tears. She said, "I'm sorry. It's just that my mom just died and I can't find a home for her cat. He's all alone. And my boyfriend is allergic."

Being the pushover that I am, I said if she'd give me her phone number, I'd talk to my husband about the situation and let her know later.

Of course Greg said, "No".

So here we are--involved with a woman who's name I can't remember who is taking care of her dead mother's cat. I have her number, but don't know what to tell her now other than, "I hear the pound takes animals".

According to her, the cat is male but fixed, and de-clawed.

If you are interested, please contact me.




Gregory said...
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Gregory said...

Yes, I said no. I am a poop. I don't feel like we can take on another of the world's needy animals. We have two needy ones already that could even use more of our time if we'd give it. I love them both, and they are both "rescued." Also, we have two kids that can never get enough time and love. So, the answer is still no. I am a "poop" because this post makes me feel guilty for saying "no" to taking in another animal for a pet. I feel bad for the girl/woman, but the cat can take it up with YAPS. There are plenty of animal protectors out there interested in helping an unusually great cat find a home. (my wife is pissed at me now, but I don't think things would be better with another living being in our home).
-Greg (that really DOES love Crystal and her good heart)

Rachel Ann said...

I'm with Greg. Sorry Crystal. And I would so take the cat because I love them, but I'm EXTREMELY allergic. Break out into hives on my neck and stop breathing sort of stuff...