Sunday, January 08, 2006


We are doing really well. Christmas was super-great! =) We had a really nice time visiting my family in good ol' nor cal. The snow was crazy on the way back, but it kept us awake. We did the overnight trip thing because we wanted Sam to sleep through it all and not be awake and crying all day. He got sick while we were up there.. we took him to the emergency room because his temp got up to 103. We were really worried for a little bit, but he's doing much better now. It was just a viral infection of some kind. He was really generous and gave it to Greg and I too! What a sweetie.

Please pray.. there's another job prospect out there for Greg as a networking tech at one of the nearby school districts. This would be a BIG load off our shoulders as far as our financial situation goes.

Greg had his second (and hopefully final) round of chemo on Wednesday of last week. It seemed to go well. He got the hiccups again.. a little less often this time, thank goodness. We think we've got the cancer taken care of, now. He's got another checkup in 4 months. Thank you so much for your support and prayers through this tough time. I know that they have helped soooo much.

Sam's keeping me busy. He's gaining two more teeth on bottom and four more on top, the poor little guy. Between naps, he's been a bit fussy. I think he's also a little bored with his parents.

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Sher said...

He is VERY cute! Glad things are going well!