Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Good News

Well, things are definitely looking a lot brighter. Greg went and had some more testing done on Friday of last week. They were not sure if there was any more cancer in his body or of exactly what kind of cancer he DID have. The cancer looked like it was contained within his testicle, but they weren't abosolutely certain. After the testing results came back, though, everything looked good. In his CT scan, it looks as though there are no visible tumors in the rest of his body. The blood tests showed that there was no more growth hormone being produced, so that's a good sign too. We are going ahead with radiation treatment because we want to be sure that all existing cancer cells (if there are any) are eradicated before they take hold somewhere.

The only problem now is the posibility of sterility. Although I don't want any more kids at the moment, I do feel like I would like to have more somewhere down the road. Radiation has been known to cause men to become sterile and that would be a serious bummer. We do have Sam and are so glad that he is here, but more kids the merrier. So, we're thinking of sperm-banking.

Please pray for Greg as we are going to be doing this radiation. He has to go all the way to LA for it and that's a LONG drive. (3 hours or so). He will be doing that for three weeks, five days a week. Fortunately, he will be getting the lowest dose that they do.. so that's nice.

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Take care, all! Thanks again for your prayers



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