Friday, September 09, 2005


So, I had an opportunity to be nice yesterday, and I didn't take it. Sam and I were at Target. I had a gift card from my birthday. I had intended to use it to buy the second season of "Northern Exposure." When I got to the video section, however, I noticed that the latest season of the simpsons was available, but there was only one copy of it left! Ohhhhh choices, choices, choices! Argh! So I put The Simpsons in my cart in order to ponder my dilemma further. As I was standing there, staring at the shelf of dvds, a guy came up with his wife. He looked at my cart, looked at the shelf, and said "I think we missed it." I was supposing that he was talking about the simpsons since the only other thing sitting in my cart was my son.

I did the unthinkable. As the guy with his wife was drooling over my treasure, I walked away! Am I horrible or what!? I mean, I hadn't even intended to buy the stupid set in the first place! I didn't want the Simpsons, I wanted Northern Exposure! But when the guy made it seem like he wanted it to, all the competitive rage in me said, "No! It's mine!" And I walked away with it! What a jerk I am. I know, only guys can be jerks.

This senario is why I don't play sports. I can't stand to lose


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