Thursday, August 07, 2008

First Reaction

Beer- Looks/Tastes like pee
McDonald's- Fries
Relationships- Fickle
Purple- Telletubbies
Power Ranger- Those actors must have been desperate
Cartoons- Wish they were like they were when I was little
Florida- Never been there
Reading- A most worthy use of time
Halloween- The smell of leaves and frost and feeling weird in a costume
Alice - 'In Wonderland'--a most fantastical story
Myspace- Kind of getting old--or is that me?
Feet- stinky and odd looking
Marriage- Comforting and uncomfortable at the same time
Paris- A beautiful but corrupt city full of pretention and snobbery.
Redheads- Are kind of unpredictable
Brunettes- Are wonderful
One night stands- Not worth the trouble
Donald Trump- hair--'nough said
Neverland- I didn't want to grow up, but am kind of enjoying being an adult.
Pixie- I wish I had wings
Vanilla ice cream- Bland
Hooters- Orange and Owls and supposedly really good hotwings
High school musical- I don't know much about it.
Pajamas- Snuggles!
Wet Socks- Dry eventually.

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