Sunday, February 19, 2006


This picture is of Sam staring at a light at Downtown Disney. We finally got our passes again, so now we can go whenever we want for the next year! (We're going this next wednesday!)

Well, after all this hullaballoo, Greg's probably going to go back to teaching. No, it's not our favorite plan of the ones we've had so far, but it's teach again, or move to the other side of the continent where houses don' t cost near as much and you can still find a job that pays enough for life. He's putting in his application this next week.

Greg's cancer is also looking very positive. No tumors anywhere in his body that we know of. He gets his CT scan done on the first of march.

Other than that, things are kind of boring 'round here. We're just hoping to find something to do with ourselves until whenever Greg works again. Sam keeps us pretty busy, though. :)

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Sher said...

Good news about the cancer!

And, if you ever want a Disneyland buddy, give me a call!