Friday, August 26, 2005

What's New

Well, things are looking up for Sam. He is no longer in dire need of surgery. The specialist thinks that we can put it off for a year or so as long as we keep Sam on antibiotics. He may actually grow out of the condition, but it's not likely. He's such a little trooper, our little guy. He doesn't like his medicine very much, but he tolerates it fairly well.

Greg's real estate stuff is kind of stalling these days. We're pretty frustrated with all of that. We don't know exactly what God is wanting us to do at this point, but we're trying to trust Him. Please pray for us, though. If we don't start making comissions (REALLY SOON), we might have to sell this house and move somewhere...we don't really know where.

Karlie found out that she is having a boy. That was happy news for me.. I want Sam to have a boy cousin, but Karlie wanted a girl. But, maybe the doctor was wrong. We'll see. We'll actually know by next week most likely.

I turned 24 on the 15th of August. We didnt' do much celebrating.. It's difficult with a little one. But I still had a nice time with my hubby.

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