Wednesday, May 12, 2004

My first blog

Hi. I like google. I'm going to do my stuff here. You can look at my old stuff on xanga at

So, I took that test from Sheridah's website, and found that I am a wannabe nerd. My husband is a real life nerd. I wish I were nerdier. Last night I had this dream that he told me I wasn't smart enough to be in a spelling bee and it made me cry.

I love my baby. I wish he would hurry up and get here. I know i'll be saying I wish he'd grow up and leave me alone for a while later on, but I keep feeling him kick and keep watching my stomach grow and it's making me very anxious to see him. Greg got to feel him kick for the first time last wednesday. Thank goodness!

Skittle says hi. She's our dog. She loves you. If you were here, she'd jump all over you.

Grrr.. the upload picture thing isn't working. I love firefox most of the time, but sometimes it has issues.

I miss college. I miss learning and having valuable discussions in a classroom environment. All you college people out there who can't wait to graduate, enjoy it while you've got it.

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